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    The fall of the poet is always so fascinating. In the eyes of our children, the most fascinating is the autumn color.wandered in the autumn fields. It was the season of harvest. The rice on the roadside was mature, and the heavy ears were pressed against the straw. Suddenly an autumn wind blew, picking up and rolling rice waves… Oh, the autumn is golden! I was suddenly immersed in the joy of discovery.more steps forward, it is that a string of red that is not afraid of the cold is open to the competition, a small and delicate red flower, like a small bell, as if you touch it gently, it will sizzle. Looking into the distance, the autumn wind blew, a string of red seems to be unable to see the fire of the side; close look, a bunch of red flowers on the green branches, as if many red girls standing on the wire to dance. Looking at it, there was a scene of the students wearing red little shoes on the stage on the day of “June 1st” Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj… Oh, the autumn is red! side of a string of red, full of inconspicuous white wild chrysanthemums. Although they are not as delicate as the chrysanthemums displayed in the park, they are not as conspicuous as the red ones next to them, but the muddy atmosphere of the village makes me feel uncomfortable. Smell and smell, as if I put on a white coat, just like many ordinary white angels to cure the people… Oh, autumn may be white!aining, there��s no thunder and no lightning, and the rain is flowing quietly Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online. Oh, the autumn girl is pouring her heart. The rain stopped. I looked up, blue sky washed, blue was fascinating, blue made me think of the little athletes wearing blue sweatpants running in the morning… Oh, autumn should be blue! of it, there is a large meadow. The grass is already yellow, but there are colorful wildflowers in it. The tree began to fall, but the yellow leaves flew down from the sky like beautiful butterflies, slowly and slowly paved into a road, stepping on the soft, like a yellow carpet. Oh, autumn is yellow!k that I have become a small painter, depicting the colorfulness of autumn and the splendor of life; red is young is hope; white is good is pure; blue is heaven is sea is big; yellow is rice is sunshine It is a brilliant night. I was just lying in bed, but I was gradually infected by this long-lost rain. I walked up alone and stood at the window, rushing a cup of green tea. I am slowly admiring this long rainy night. days ago, the temperature continued to be above 35 degrees, causing people to complain. And tonight is very good, a burst of cool breath accompanied by a little raindrops to me, making me feel a refreshing refreshing. Looking at the night, I drank a bit of good tea, and my heart suddenly felt a sense of comfort. The rain is getting bigger Marlboro Hard Cigerate, and the clouds gradually cover up the originally bright moon. Make the sky look even darker. At this time, I seem to have entered another world, and the brain has been cleaned by this cool atmosphere. The arrogant trees along the road were also compromised by the rain tonight. The hot, silent summer night was also broken by the rain tonight. dark at night, and all the family went out of sleep and everything was quiet. At this time, the whole world became the stage of the rain! The raindrops fell on the ground and made a sound of “��,��,��…”; the rain hit the front of the window sill and made ound; the rain fell on the leaves Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping, and the leaves sang together with them: “Sand, sand Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online… …” This reminds me of the symphony that I admire on TV. It is harmonious and elegant, and how many people admire it. And this “symphony” tonight, although it seems a little messy, but unique; although not very harmonious, but natural; although not too elegant, but plain. Isn’t this the characteristic of nature? I sincerely admire nature, the outstanding “musician”, who can produce such natural and simple music. I still admire, let the brain intoxicate in the United States, let the heart and the tide rise and fall in the beauty, let yourself enjoy the atmosphere of this nature.wind is still blowing, the rain is still down, I still feel the cool rainy night in front of the window sill.

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