One by one is Canada Goose Dunjakke butik

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    Canada Goose Dunjakke butikOne by one is Canada Goose Dunjakke butik
    Qingyang one by one is a small town, a more than 10 meters wide stream slowly across the town, the center bridge across the river, is the center of the town, and the town is divided into a font, Residents of the two sides rely on this bridge between the center, except by boat. Along the river is a patchwork of low-lying houses on both sides, white walls and black tiles, revealing the ancient town or shops or people, a room connected to almost all the houses facing the street side are a piece of vertical door, morning Demolition, so that the sun shines into the house.Canada Goose Dunjakke butik

    This stone road is the kind of whole stone slab almost the same width with the alley, far to the rural areas of the village shop, the years have polished it to water and light, often see the country barefoot pick people , Made loudly, loudly sound. This front door is the back door of the street is a river of water people in the south can be seen everywhere. To form a unique residential landscape.
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    Chinese New Year, is the happiest day for children, because you can eat the food you can not eat on weekdays, is the Spring Festival every year, Jiangnan people must have holiday food, not only is the Jiangnan favorite sticky waxy food, Also because of its name auspicious meaning, metaphor every year happily.

    As the Northwest Spring Festival to steamer a few baskets of flowers the same. Jiangnan New Year every family must do a lot of this kind of rice cakes. This is a kind of glutinous rice in the mortar into a fine sand-like shape, and then placed in steamed steamed shape, do Canada Goose Dame Jakke not place any seasoning,

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