The main reindeer who pulls Santa's sleigh on rsgoldfast

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    We think that the Runescape 2017 Christmas event is one of the best (plus it is only around ten minutes long) so it is well worth doing. We have spoken to a few people the last few days who have come here to buy Runescape Gold and many are excited by the loot of RuneScape gold that they are getting for this event. So what do you get for completing the Runescape 2017 Christmas Event? Well here are some of the highlights.As we said this is a very short quest, but it is fun and it is worth doing, we would also recommend that you actually read all the dialogue as it is very amusing.The rewards you get are,Rudolph Reborn Pet: That is right, the main reindeer who pulls Santa’s sleigh is now your pet and he is awesome!Snowboard: There is a white and black snowboard which is a great gift from Santa.
    rsgoldfast rs gold
    Not only does this look cool, you can actually do tricks on it!Skilling Activities: You also get full access to the Skilling activities in Varrock Grand Exchange and you also unlock the Modified Soul Obelisk.We think this is some very cool items to get for a Christmas event and we are sure that in the coming weeks, Runescape is going to be full of people popping flips (or whatever the tricks are called) on their snowboards. The rewards are more than fair for a quest that is so short, so make sure you take part in the Runescape 2017 Christmas Event, which has the cool title of, The G-Gnome Project.Thanks for reading and be sure to ask any questions you may have if you are looking to buy RS Gold.

    Can you believe it is almost 2018? Well, we want to thank all you guys who come here to buy cheap RS3 Gold. In the last couple of days, Jagex has unveiled what people can expect to get if they are willing to pay up for the Runescape 2018 Premier Club and we wanted to share our thoughts on that.Of course the first thing you have to talk about is how when you break down the price, if you are going to be paying to play each month anyway, Runescape Premier Club 2018 is the way to go as in the long run, not only will you save money, you will also get some pretty neat perks too.

    A few of the things that are well worth the price of admission in our opinion is the four content exclusives that will be coming in 2018. Of course, at this early stage we do not know what these four things will be, but being a Runescape Premier Club Member is the only way to get hold of it.Some awesome Hellion Armor, which we have seen and can tell you looks really cool is also a nice perk, not to mention special forum access, the monthly prize draw and much more.We know that some Runescape players are all about the free to play and do not want to spend a penny, but for those of us who pay a monthly fee anyway, you might as well pay your fees all up front, have it out the way and get access to the various perks.How many of you guys are playing on becoming a Runescape Premier Club 2018 member? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to ask any questions if you are looking to buy rs gold, runescape accounts for sale or if you are wanting to buy Runescape 3 Gold.Who Do You Think Is The Most Famous Merchant In OSRS?

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